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Buyer Readiness Program

Empowering Buyers, Fostering Success: 43% of Adults lack Financial Literacy - Boost Your Potential Clients' Credit by Leveraging our Credit Experts

Analysis, Restoration, and Tailored Savings Strategy. An Exclusive Offer for Your Clients as Our Realtor Partner. Terms and conditions apply.

At Grace Modern Mortgage, we believe in the power of education to make the home-buying journey smooth and successful. Our Buyer Readiness Program is meticulously crafted to educate and prepare buyers before they go under contract, ensuring they are well-informed and confident in making decisions. According to Freddie Mac buyer lack understanding and confidence on how to start the process. Here’s how we educate your buyers:

Credit Score Review and Improvement:

We educate buyers on the importance of a healthy credit score and guide them on actionable steps to review and enhance it, securing favorable mortgage terms.

  • In House Expert

  • Free Analyis

  • Free Restoration Tips

  • Free Access to Resources

Get your Clients Mortgage Ready! We've help parntners time and time again.

Financial Assessment and Budgeting:

Through financial literacy sessions, we help buyers assess their finances, set realistic budgets, and understand the financial responsibilities of homeownership.

Saving Strategies for Down Payment and Closing Costs:

We provide practical saving strategies and financial planning advice to ensure buyers are well-prepared for the down payment and closing costs.

Mortgage Pre-Approval Process:

We demystify the mortgage pre-approval process, helping buyers understand their borrowing capacity and the advantages of being pre-approved.

Understanding Home Owner's Insurance:

We educate buyers on the significance of Home Owner's Insurance, guiding them on selecting the right coverage to protect their investment and ensure peace of mind.

Understanding Mortgage Terms and Conditions:

We conduct educational sessions on mortgage terms and conditions, ensuring buyers are knowledgeable and aware of what to expect in a mortgage transaction.

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