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Benefit from a streamlined loan process through a 100% mobile platform that ensures secure document handling and the potential to close deals in just 15 days. Leverage exclusive market data and expert consultations to strategically plan your projects while enjoying lower rates and fewer fees. Experience flexibility with controlled and multiple monthly draws, all while bypassing the need for bulk value appraisals, saving time and reducing costs.

1. 100% Mobile Platform/Online Application with Secure Doc Upload

  • 100% Mobile Platform/Online Application: This feature implies that the entire loan application process can be handled remotely through a mobile device or online. This kind of platform allows for ease of access and the convenience of completing the application process from anywhere, without the need for physical meetings or paperwork.

  • Secure Doc Upload: Being able to securely upload documents online ensures the safety of sensitive information while expediting the process, as there would be no delays associated with physical handling and transfer of documents.

2. Cut Red Tape/ Close in 15 Days

  • Cut Red Tape: This phrase refers to reducing bureaucratic hurdles and simplifying the loan approval process. By minimizing the bureaucratic procedures, the lender can offer a smoother, more straightforward path to securing a loan.

  • Close in 15 Days: This advantage highlights the swift processing time, enabling businesses to secure necessary funds quickly, which can be particularly beneficial in a fast-paced commercial real estate market.

3. Access to Exclusive Market Data

  • Exclusive Market Data: This implies that the lender offers data and insights that are not readily available to the general public. Access to such data can provide borrowers with a competitive edge by helping them make well-informed decisions based on the latest and most comprehensive information available in the market.

4. Strategic Planning Sessions with Market Analysts

  • Strategic Planning Sessions with Market Analysts: This advantage suggests that borrowers have the opportunity to engage with market analysts for strategic planning. Such sessions can be invaluable, offering expertise and guidance in crafting a robust strategy for the project, drawing on in-depth market analysis to inform decision-making.

5. Lower Rates and Lower Fees

  • Lower Rates and Lower Fees: This straightforward advantage means that the lender offers competitive interest rates and lower associated fees, which can result in substantial savings over the life of the loan, making the financial burden lighter on the borrower.

6. Retained Servicing - Controlled Draws

  • Retained Servicing: This suggests that the lender maintains control over the servicing of the loan, rather than outsourcing it to a third party. This can ensure consistent and high-quality service throughout the loan term.

  • Controlled Draws: In the construction context, "draws" refer to the disbursement of funds at various stages of the project. Controlled draws mean that the lender oversees the disbursement of funds closely, which can help in maintaining the budget and timeline of the project.

7. Multiple Draws a Month

  • Multiple Draws a Month: This advantage indicates that the borrower can request the disbursement of funds multiple times in a month, providing flexibility and ensuring that sufficient funds are available at different stages of the construction project.

8. No Bulk Value Appraisals

  • No Bulk Value Appraisals: Traditional lenders might require bulk value appraisals which aggregate the value of multiple properties as a single entity, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. The absence of this requirement can streamline the loan approval process and potentially save on costs.

Each of these advantages is designed to create a borrower-friendly environment, emphasizing convenience, access to expertise, and financial competitiveness, which can be particularly beneficial in the dynamic field of commercial lending. It is advisable for potential borrowers to understand each of these advantages fully and to leverage them in planning and executing their projects.

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